20/20 Vision

A complete set of visual acuity tests.
Replace all your charts and tests with one easy-to-use visual acuity testing product! With tests ranging from customizable, randomized acuity charts to complex visual diagnostic tests, 20/20 Vision is suitable for optometry, ophthalmology, and clinical research alike. Our remote is simple and easy-to-understand, and our world-class phone and email support allows you to easily replace any existing system without worrying about added complexity. Try 20/20 Vision today!

Precision Vision Patti Pics

Cutting-edge pediatric optotypes.
Studies have shown that the Patti Pics provide the best approximation of Sloan letter acuity, as well as the best sensitivity to visual pathologies, of any available pediatric optotype. The Patti Pics optotype integrates fully with the software, and provides a beautiful and accurate alternative to older, outdated pediatric optotypes.

EyeMotion 3D Patient Education

Fully integrated, affordable patient education animations.
The EyeMotion Patient Education system provides your practice with the latest and greatest patient education content.

Use the power of these high quality animations to improve your patients’ awareness and understanding of important optometric and ophthalmic conditions, to introduce them to new procedures, or to market new opticianry products.

Our unique implementation of the EyeMotion integrated animations allows you to always have the latest animations available. Your acuity system will always notify you when new animations are available. Our industry leading update technology will download and install new animations via the internet as they become available.

Canela Software Mini Display

See what you’ve been missing.
The Mini Display shows exactly which optotypes are being displayed in large easy-to-read type. You can now see what the patient sees regardless of the VA size without having to turn around. Additionally, it shows representations of all charts and tests, including close tests such as Color Plates and Amsler Grids. Now you can screen patients with the appropriate tests, right from the chair.

The Mini Display also presents slides, videos, and patient education content in beautiful, brilliant color, for increased ease of viewing.