20/20 Vision is the perfect tool for you to do all your vision screenings. Whether you need to do mass screenings, or just a single student as part of an IEP assessment, 20/20 Vision makes vision screening easy. You don’t need to lug a large instaline around – 20/20 installs on your laptop. We worked closely with a number of school nurses to make sure our software meets your needs. Over 50 school districts throughout California and the rest of the US use 20/20 Vision.

For mass screenings, 20/20 Vision allows you to randomize the letters, and makes it a breeze to do either critical line or threshold screenings. 20/20 Vision follows all the best practices for vision screening, and we always keep up to date with state standards. 20/20 Vision allows you to use a 20/32 critical line, something that is now mandated by the state of California. 20/20 Vision also allows you to use crowding bars when showing a single line, another recommendation by the state of California.

Precision Vision Patti Pics are available. These cutting-edge optotypes have been shown to be very effective in the pediatric field, and are specifically allowed by the state of California as an alternative to the Sloan letters.

20/20 Vision also includes the Ishihara Color Test, meaning you can do color vision screenings on your students without having to carry around the physical book.

20/20 Vision is available to school nurses for just $29/month per computer, with PattiPics available for an additional $4/month.

Try it out for 1 month, free! Download 20/20 today.